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Formic Acid

Formic Acid

Ryan International a leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Formic Acid is also known by the name of methanoic acid and as simplest carboxylic acid, it is available in clear, colorless liquid form. Also known by the names of Methanoic acid; hydrogen carboxylic acid; formylic acid, it has a pungent odor and infinite solubility properties. The acid is naturally available in ant stings and bee's venom and works as an important intermediate in chemical synthesis. It comes with a molecular weight of 46.03 and chemical formula of HCOOH.

Applications :

  • As a coagulant for obtaining rubber from late.
  • As auxiliary agent for delining & pickling of fur fixing of dyes in leather industry.
  • In processing applications of textile industry.
  • As an intermediate in production of pesticides, vulcanization accelerators, basic drugs, plant protection agents.
  • In preservation of silage and grams.
  • In electroplating and as a solvent.

Packing :

  • 35 kg (net) HDPE carboys  & 250 kg HDPE drums
  • Stainless Steel tankers

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